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In this case deposits are rarely required. In certain types of rental sometimes known as operated or wet rental the charge may be calculated by the rental charge timesheets of operators or drivers supplied by the rental company to operate the equipment.
Classic Design Rental.
Pot Sorento Broken With Small 30x30. 3 days: 1000., Basket Milano Medium 30x30. 3 days: 1000., Fence Rectangular Natural Medium 60x72. 3 days: 2000., Classic Design Rental. Bars and Desks. Heating and umbrellas. Classic Design Rental. 9320 Erembodegem exit Aalst.
Renting a home
At the time when the contract is concluded, the property must meet the" elementary requirements for safety, health and habitability. These requirements mainly apply to.: functions of the building. structure and stability. natural light and ventilation. If the property does not meet these minimum conditions at the time when the tenant wishes to move in, the tenant may.: ask for the contract to be dissolved with the payment of damages, if appropriate. require the necessary works to be carried out; pending the completion of these works, a court may permit a reduction of the rental price.

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